Lambert Community Fellowship
10225 AR-84,
Bismarck, AR 71929

Our Purpose

Today, the church has become a positive anchor for present truth Seventh day Adventist believers who teach the 3 Angels messages (Revelation 14) as they are joined by the 4th angel (Revelation 18). Approximately 35-40 people attend worship services regularly, including students from the School of the Prophets located in rural Glenwood.

We believe the latter rain, which is taught in every book of the Bible, is an event now sweeping through the understanding of God’s people. Emphasis of our teaching is on the prophecies as recorded in God’s Word. We study with reference to the old paths and especially strive to understand the writings of our church pioneers. God is using this history to illuminate our pathway with a bright light showing us to His everlasting Kingdom.

A number from the church have become missionaries all over North, Central, and South America, Africa, and Europe in an effort to teach the prophetic word around the world. It is our goal that this church will be a great gathering place and many will come to this area. After learning how to teach the prophetic message, they will relocate to other localities where outposts will be established, teaching even more people that we are the final generation of this earth’s history.