Our History

The founding couple of the Lambert Community Fellowship attended a Seventh day Adventist church in SW Arkansas and were challenged by a sermon presented one Sabbath where the group was encouraged to be active in God’s service, not to experience complacency. They realized this was happening to them as they sat in the church pews week after week. Taking the challenge was a natural step as the couple longed to be involved in a church plant.

Knowing that there was a significant number of Seventh day Adventists in the area who were not attending any church, the couple contacted these people and presented a plan to begin a worship group in a local town where there was no SDA presence. The search was limited rather quickly to Bismarck, a small town where the establishment of a church would not interfere with any other SDA churches.

The town was explored and a nice brick church was discovered for sale. Acknowledging the group was not in a position to buy such a nice building which included a parsonage, they approached the sellers and discovered that they were willing to lease with an option to buy. Now that would have been an amazing offer but the sellers agreed that all the lease money without charging interest could apply toward a future purchase. Taking that one step further, all the furniture, supplies, and materials would be part of the transaction with no extra charge. The list of things included a piano, an organ, a fully equipped kitchen/dining area, song books, and even an offering that had been left behind.

The group had rather suddenly disbanded due to many deaths, folks moving, and nobody was left. To top off the offer, either party could back out of the agreement at any time with a full refund of the down payment. Realizing all of this was God’s hand at work, this group of Seventh day Adventist believers established the Lambert Community Fellowship early in 2011.

The church has no appointed pastor but the pastoral responsibilities are carried by a group of three elders. The Divine Worship hour speakers include the elders, School of the Prophet’s staff, and guests. The parsonage is occupied by a family responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the church property.